The Ripper Letters

I don’t believe any of the Ripper letters were written by the killer. The Saucy Jack letter postmarked on October 1st is interesting, but it is possible that it was written after the double event. Many serial killers who contact the police or the media are sadistic: BTK Strangler, the Black Dahlia avenger, and John Edward Robinson Sr. This is not the case for Jack the Ripper. He mutilated his victims after they were already dead and some of the women had been strangled before he even cut their throats. Also, the serial killers that contact the police often say that they want to be stopped, but they are unable to control themselves. It seems to me that these killers either consciously or subconsciously wanted to get caught. There is no indication that the Ripper wanted to get caught. Also, none of the Jack the Ripper letters mentioned a desire to be caught. I don’t think anyone with the degree of anger needed to mutilate the victims so ferociously would be able or willing to take the time to write out letters to the police. Even though the Ripper obviously wanted the bodies to be found, there was no reason for him to seek more attention than he already had. The grisly murders themselves gave him more than enough public exposure.


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