To write or not to write? TO WRITE!!!!

It is interesting that the Ripper would write letter to the police. Most of Ripperologists believe that they were not written by the Ripper, but I can not help but hold out on the other side of the street on this one. It is too compelling to think of it! The postcard postmarked on October 1 is the most compelling. It mentions the double event, which happened only 1 day before the postcard was sent is evidence enough for me! Casebook mentions that if it would have been postmarked the day of the event it would have been more plausible that the actual Ripper wrote it, but it would have to have time to go through the mail system and could have easily been sent on the 30 and just gone through the stamper on the 1st. Also, when the letter was sent with the kidney the investigators noticed that it looked like a kidney with Bright’s disease, a disease that Eddows had.

I think the Ripper is the kind of person who would have sent letter to the police to taunt them. There was no finger print risk, or hand writing analysis the Ripper had to be afraid of …He left his victims out in the open for the world to see so why wouldn’t he love more attention?


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