Police Blunders

The police investigating the Ripper murders were not completely inept, but had their fair share of mistakes. Firstly, no one person was ever completely in charge of the case. Important people either resigned or went on vacation and new people were brought into the case halfway through. Secondly, the murders happened in two separate police districts. The two departments didn’t share their information, making it harder to gather all the facts to investigate the murders. Thirdly, many of the men in charge of the case weren’t even police officers. They were politicians or military men who knew close to nothing about police work and investigating murders. They were often more concerned about the politics of the case, like whether or not certain racial or ethnic groups would be offended by their actions. Fourthly, after several Ripper murders occurred, the police automatically assumed similar murders were committed by the same person. There is reason to believe that neither Liz Stride nor Mary Kelly were even Ripper victims. The police made several important blunders in regards to Mary Kelly’s murder. Policemen waited for hours outside her room, having mistakenly been told that bloodhounds were being brought to the scene. Also, they allowed Mary to be identified only by her eye and hair color. Even more ridiculous, she was identified by her boyfriend (Barnett), who could have himself been her killer.


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