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Jack the Rip-peep

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Jack the Ripper Peeps

Jack the Ripper Peeps

Every year, our dorm does a contest where everyone makes a scene or scenes using marshmallow Peeps.  This year, my roommate and I decided to do a “Jack the Ripper” scene.  We attempted to “mutilate” each victim-peep as accurately as possible, and we placed them on a sort of map.  In the centre is our Jack the Rip-peep and the weapon used on the victim-peeps.  Needless to say, our R.A. was a bit disturbed at how premeditated this was, as well as how accurate we were trying to be.  XD  Poor Mary Kelly-peep.

EDIT–We won the contest.  ^_^


Part One of the Diary of Jack the Ripper

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The Diary of Jack The Ripper – part 1

Hello Class!

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Welcome to the site for the University of Tulsa’s First Seminar Class entitled, “Jack the Ripper’s London.” I hope you have fun putting this together with me this semester.