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Vicorian Era Question

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Before becoming educated on dismal life led by the poor in Victorian England, I thought of the distinguishing clothing, royalty led to parties in carriages, arranged marriages of highly important people and famous icons and literature to name of few things. Movies, books and television series cemented the idea of wealth, royalty and ever present scandal as defining characteristics of Victorian London. Extravagance specifically enters my mind as an all encompassing metaphor. The peasants and middle class even illustrate themselves as somewhat closely resembling dress of royalty but on a much simpler scale; however, all of these uneducated assumptions proved very wrong as the semester began.


Police Improvements

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The police investigating the murders of the five canonical victims seemed to accept persuasion when collecting and/ or neglecting evidence, for example, the decision to erase the chalk writing of the wall, so that a riot would not ensue upon it being seen. Because of this decision, there are not even any pictures of this piece of evidence. Along with that, even without technology available today, the simplicity of keeping accurate and detailed records should be a crucial role of any investigation. All clues, leads and evidence should have not only been recorded but confiscated by the authorities and properly restored and kept safe. Each of these suggestions ensures that down the road, there will at least be physical evidence to preside over word-of-mouth or stories passed down generations.