Yes Officer That Was The Man…Two Years Ago!

Psychologists and attorneys have demonstrated the inaccuracy of eyewitness testimony. However, prosecutors and investigators still consider witnesses to be very influential in a court room.
The JTR case is riddled with conflicting eyewitness testimony. However, one that strikes me as especially unreliable is the positive identification of Aaron Kosminski.
Although I believe that Kosminski is the most likely ripper candidate, this does not change the fact that his identification was extraordinarily unreliable. Although the name of the witness remains unknown, Sugden suggests that it was most likely Joseph Lawende. Not only was it dark during his witness acount, but he positively identified Kosminski two years after Kate Eddowes was murdered. Did I hear that right?
Furthermore, after the murder, Lawende stated that he would not be able to recognize the man again and that he only had a “short look at him”.
Despite the circumstantial evidence, it is still possible that Lawende was not the witness that identified Kosminski, and it is important to keep this in mind when considering this witness.


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