Kelly…maybe not?

I don’t really believe that Mary Kelly should be considered a suspect.  I have problems with the location most of all.  The fact that she was killed inside says a lot.  The Ripper had up to this point been almost flamboyant with his victims, so why hide Kelly?  Why was the door locked?  Yes, she had her own place but most serial killers do not like to go out of their comfort zone and it seems as though dark allies were JTR’s comfort areas.  I think that the Ripper might have tried to lure her away from the house either to a bar for gin then he would have taken her to an ally.  Also, not to get into the multiple conspiracy theories, but we do not really know for certain if it was indeed Mary Kelly’s body.  I mean she was identified by her hair color.  For me, there are too many inconsistencies, more so with Kelly than the other victims.  


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