Victoria Era-Question #1

The Victorian Era is one of my favorite times. I love to read about the Royal Family and all the possible scandals that did or didn’t happen inside the court. This is the main thing I think of when I hear “Victorian Era”. A world of frills, makeup, and extravagance enter my mind. A place that revolved around sex, lies, and power. A place of aristocracy. But this is just the world i’ve been exposed to. Media knows society is more keen to hear about the outlandish lives of the rich and famous, not the peasants they rule over. Yet, in the back of my mind I do think to myself, “The aristocracy have all this money and food and wealth, yet their kingdom is in shambles”.  This is when I remember the downright terrible lives the middle and especially lower class lived. They were poor, starving and treated as trash. Literature wise, I think if Jane Austen and the famous poets. Stories of love and leisure and heresy enter my mind. But all in all, the lives of the “not so rich and famous” must be remembered and discusssed, or the period as a whole will be ultimately misunderstood and its historical significance lost.


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