The Validity of George Hutchinson

George Hutchinson is considered a primary witness of the Mary Jane Kelly murder. After researching him, I believe that it is quite possible, perhaps even probable, that he did see Kelly’s murderer. It would appear that Hutchinson’s desire to follow Kelly stemmed from an attraction that he felt for her. This could explain his reasons for staying outside of her house for nearly forty-five minutes after she entered with her gentleman. However, I also believe that Hutchinson embellished certain parts of his testimony, including his witness description. This was most likely due to the time period that had elapsed between the murder and his report to the police (three days). His description of the gentleman seems too detailed (blonde eyelashes?). However, it has been repeatedly proven that eyewitness testimony is usually very inaccurate when one gives a physical description. Thus, even though Hutchinson’s description of the suspect may not have been remarkably accurate, certain other facts, such as the time of night, could have been relatively accurate. It is also important to consider the fact that Hutchinson had no obligation to come forward but chose to anyway, which could indicate that he legitimately wanted to help the investigation. Also, Detective Abberline believed Hutchinson’s statement after the interview.


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