The Ripper Letters #4

  1. I personally do not believe  Jack the Ripper himself wrote any of the Ripper letters. I find this hard to believe because there are so many unanswered questions concerning the several letters. Little is known about Jack the Ripper, and I believe it would be impossible to deliberate if the actual Ripper in fact wrote a letter. After learning about Jack the Ripper, it is evident he left minimal clues as to who he was. The Ripper committed these murders secretly, as there are only a few witnesses, who are sometimes considered undependable. Because of the Ripper’s sneakiness and secrecy, I do not think he wrote any of the letters. I believe that if the Ripper wanted to share certain aspects of his identity with the public, he would have found a more efficient way. If he wanted to share his identity, or scare the police/public he would have done something very original. 


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