Sickert #7

7. I do not believe that Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper. It is said that Sickert left clues of the murders in his paintings, and he became obsessed with Jack the Ripper after hearing that Jack the Ripper formerly lived in his room. I find the ideas about the paintings to be very far-fetched. Sickert was a prominent figure in London, and therefore I do not believe he had any reason to kill helpless prostitutes. Patricia Cornwell has also linked Sickert’s DNA to one letter from “Jack the Ripper.” I do not believe that this link can be taken seriously, as the letter was written over 100 years ago, and there is no proof that any of the letters were written by the Ripper himself. During the months of the murders, Sickert spent a great amount of time in France. Some believe he took a ferry from France to England on weekends, and committed the murders during that time. I find it extremely difficult to believe this idea, because there would have been mention in letters concerning Sickerts whereabouts. I believe his constant traveling from France to London, and back would have raised great suspicion among his friends and family. I do not believe Sickert had any reason to kill whatsoever.


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