Royal Conspiracy Crushed-Question #7

The Royal Conspiracy is by far the most popular theory against the Jack the Ripper murders. People love a scandal; especially a Royal scandal. Despite the popularity of this theory, very little is out there to prove it is true. One story believes Prince Eddy is the Ripper. The source of this came from his supposed sickness of syphilis. He reportedly went mad from the disease and went on a killing rampage against these prostitutes. But it was never proven Eddy did have syphilis. Another branch of the story says it was Eddy’s tutor who was the Ripper. The two were rumored to have a homosexual relationship with one another during their time together. After their break up, Stephen went mad and killed the women in a fit of passion and revenge for Eddy. This is very far fetched because firstly it was never proven or let out Eddy was gay. In a European Court of that size and power, a blow to the Royal family like that would have been talked about, spread, and proven. Another problem is, if in fact they were lovers, Stephen would have most likely killed male prostitutes, not female. The last theory is the masonic and royal conspiracy. Eddy was said to have married a Catholic peasant named Annie and got her pregnant with a legitimate heir to the English throne. A Catholic heir would have caused a revolution. So it is said the Queen took care of this by having her cronies get rid of Annie and all her friends who knew about the marriage. This is all great fun to think about and research and the possibilities are endless. Despite this, the Royal Conspiracy is not one to be taken seriously and is based solely on assumption and circumstantial evidence.


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