Ripper Letters: Fact of Fraud?

I find it hard to believe that any of the Ripper letters were written by the killer.  The only one I might be convinced by is the one that came with a complimentary kidney.  And this only because it would be difficult for any normal person to procure a human kidney.  Either that, or a doctor or mortician with a VERY sick sense of humour.  As for the rest of the letters, they were very sarcastic.  As deranged as they are, that mentality certainly matches the image of the killer, but the sarcasm does not follow suit with the murders.  We discussed in class on many occasions about how the killer left his victims sprawled in the alleys and streets where he killed and mutilated them.  There was no sarcasm, no thumb-biting.  There was nothing to indicate that the killer wished to taunt the police, even though the killings did continue.  The Ripper letters were more than likely all from people seeking publicity, albeit annonymous.


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