Real Victims-Question #6

Everyone who has ever researched the Jack the Ripper cases knows about the victims. This means they would know their differences. Liz Stride is the one victim who is the most contrastingly different then the others. “Lucky Liz”  as she is mostly known by, was just that; lucky. The mutilation to her body was far less destructive than the other 4 victims. She just had her throat slit, but no other major injuries or mutilation. The other women wer cut open like animals, some to the point of unrecognizability. Later in a police report they stated the knife used on Liz was different than that of the other victims. Her wounds were more jagged and wide while the other four women’s wounds were slender and long. Liz was alos a part of what is called the “Double Event”. This is when the Ripper supposedly was interuppted during Liz and then killed Catherine. I think it is very possible Liz was a victim of someone else copying the Ripper murders and it ironically happened the night the Ripper did make his next hit, on Eddowes. It is a very possible statement to say Liz was not a Ripper victim at all.


One Response to “Real Victims-Question #6”

  1. kstevenson Says:

    That is a very good possibility. She might not have been an actual victim of jack the ripper, however there is a strong possibility that she was. Even though police stated that Liz neck being cut was with a different knife and was more jagged and wide, it still could have been jack the ripper. He might have done that to through off the police into thinking it wasn’t him. im thinking it was jack. He picked women and completely mutilated them, when he went to kill “lucky Liz” and was interrupted he didn’t get his fix of what he liked to do best, there for he went out and killed another lady. We will never know for sure if Liz was in fact one of the ripper victims or not. there is both the possibility that she was and that she was the victim or someone else.

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