Police Investigation-Question #3

The police investigation during the Jack the Ripper murders was far from perfect. Its many flaws were probably a very good part of the reason Jaack the Ripper was never found. Carlessness and foolishness prevailed over intelligence and bravery. Some slack can be given in a few areas of their work. Fingerprint analysis was not being used at the time so gained the evidence of a killer was not as easily accessible as it is today. Despite this, the washing of the bodies was not a smart idea on their part. The preserving of the body, especially without technology, is THE key factor in finding the criminal. Moving and washing the bodies of the victims without proper search and examination was a major downfall in the work of the police.  Perservance of the crimes scene is also crucial. Washing away the chalk, despite its length away from the crime scene, was foolish. Upon closer examination or investigation, it could have become a crucial link to the killer or possibly a witness. Letting crowds of people move their way closer and closer to the crime scene and body immediately contaminated it. While dressing up as a woman was a smart idea for their time, not following through with wearing the men’s police boots was just careless. All in all, a more thorough group of police officers that cared more about the case would probably have become much more closer to solving it.


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