People of the Abyss-Question #2

The main story that stood out to me in this book was the one concentrating on the Carter and the Carpenter. I was really affected by their story. Mostly it was their agee combined with their state of living that stood out to me. The fact these men were in their fifties and sixties with no family or anything to claim as their own was just downright sad. I love older people and feel sad when they are in a poor state. These men were living off the streets. Literally, off the streets. While walking they would pick up tiny tiny pieces of scraps people had thrown to the ground. They were living off of other people’s scraps. This was their nourishment. Yet, these men were of good temper and accepted the narrator as one of their own. Despite their poor conditions they accepted Jack London as their equal and wanted to help him and show him the ropes. They were true men of their time.


One Response to “People of the Abyss-Question #2”

  1. was tumbelty the ripper or a collector he had 2 rings from kate.
    was james kellys diary publicised,was ksominski carrying the knife,
    did Joseph barnet send the gingerbeer letter and lock the door to millers court. where was the knife.what else was in tumbeltys bag and why isnt the real jack the ripper revealed till 2030?

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