Letters from Someone…Else

None of the letters were written by Jack the Ripper. A killer who was so committed to method and secrecy would not allow the possibility that his name could in any way be connected to the letters. Jack does not seem the type to taunt the police. His love was for murder, not fame. Even if the murderer wanted to shed light on the horrors of Whitechapel, he did not appear to favor the spotlight. The “Dear Boss” letter that first gave a name to the murderer was most likely written by a journalist who desired more circulation of his papers. I find it difficult to believe that the Ripper would find the time to write letters to the police or the news detailing his nighttime affairs. The Lusk letter, though the most plausible as an actual correspondence from the killer, still does not seem entirely substantial as a message from the real Jack. The fact that the letter and kidney that supposedly belonged to Catherine Eddowes were not received until over two weeks after her murder poses some threat to the veracity of the note. If the Ripper did want fame for his crime, why would he not have sent the package a day or two after the murder when the news was still fresh? However, the fact remains that Jack the Ripper was not seeking fame for his crimes. Whether he loved the kill or wanted revenge against women or whatever other motive he may have had, there is no evidence to support the claim that he revealed his secret to another living soul. The kind of people who are involved in police investigations through taunting letters and detailed notes have some desire to be caught, it would seem. Jack the Ripper had no such thought.


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