Jack’s Letters-Question #4

The Jack the Ripper letters came in thousands. All of these came flooding in after the “Dear Boss” letter was released. It is most likely none of these letters are real. Even the “Dear Boss” letter is most likely a fake. There had to be a first letter out of those thousands that flooded in and it was most likely it. The name “Jack the Ripper” was given in one of these letters but was probably given by a newspaper writer trying to stir up news. This was one of the bigget stories in years and the media did not want it to to be forgotten by the public. Whatever they had to do to keep people buying their papers, they would do. Accordingly to FBI profiling, Jack the Ripper was considered a disorganized killer. His killings were not patterned nor was their evidence connecting his victims. He was almost caught during Lucky Liz.  Basically, he was lucky.


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