Hutchinson, Witness-Question #5

James Hutchinson is one of the many eye witnesses listed for the Mary Kelly case. He stated he saw Mary Kelly around 2AM right before Flower and Dean Street. He says Kelly stopped him and asked him for sixpence. He told her he had none to give and she said good morning and went on her way to find some. She went in the direction Hutchinson had come, towards Thrawl Street. Hutchinson then says he saw a man stop Kelly. He whispered something to her and they both started laughing. Hutchinson stopped and watched them on a lamp at the Queen’s Head Public House. After talking for a bit, the man put his shoulder around Kelly and they walked up towards Hutchinson. When the two walked by Hutchinson, the mysterious man bent his head low away from Hutchinson. When Hutchinson bent lower to the ground to get a good look at him, he reported the man giving him a stern look. They both walked up Dorset Street and stood in the Court for about three minutes. Hutchinson followed them. After whispering something into Kelly’s war and giving her a kiss, she led him into the Court. Hutchinson followed but could not find them. He waited forty-five minutes, but left when they did not return. He described the man as about 35 and 5’6. He had a pale complextion with dark eyes and eye lashes and a slight mustache. He had a respectable appearance and looked Jewish. I believe most of what Hutchinson says can be believed. He knew Kelly for almost three years and cared for her. Seeing her with a strange man in this crazy time is a cause for concern. I think this justifies his staying out so late to look for the man and following them.


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