Five Victims #6

6. I believe the five victims murdered in Whitechapel during late 1888 were all victims of Jack the Ripper. There are so many similarities surrounding the victims of the Ripper. Each of the five victims was a prostitute. They were all murdered during the early hours of the morning, and each was brutally killed. The women’s throats were all cut. Liz Stride is a victim who is sometimes not considered to be a Ripper Victim. Her throat was cut jagged, unlike the other female victims. I still believe that Stride was a Ripper victim. I believe that the Ripper was in a rush while killing Liz, and therefore had to do it quickly. After killing Liz, and possibly not being fulfilled enough with the quick murder, he moved on to kill Catherine Eddowes. I believe that each of the five women were killed by Jack the Ripper.


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