Good God Men Get It Together!

I believe it goes without saying that London’s police of the ripper case made countless errors during their investigation. Not to be too critical, but occasionally while I was reading, I would just stop and think, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” How could the police in one of the most prominent nations of the world make so many mistakes during such an important investigation.
To be fair, a portion of this error can be attributed to the lack of technological advancements. However, I refuse to let those London coppers off the hook that easily. Officers covered bodies, tainting crime scenes (in the case of Annie Chapman). Police investigators wrote conflicting statements regarding the crime scenes, times, and other evidence. Bodies were left for long periods of time, washed, and unclothed before being examined by the coroner. Some evidence was removed before it could be recorded or photographed (the message regarding Juwes for example), and evidence was constantly disappearing from the police.
Even though hindsight is always 20/20, some mistakes made during the investigation were so ridiculous that they added hilarity to the very macabre subject.


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