Unreliable Witness

George Hutchinson strikes me as an unreliable witness. There are a few parts of his statement to the police that do not add up to me. First, why did he wait outside Miller’s Court for so long looking for Mary Kelly? It is strange to me that he would just stand there waiting to see if the two came back out. If he was concerned, why did he not just go in after her to make sure she was okay? After the two did not reappear, Hutchinson just leaves after waiting for such a long time; that was also strange to me. Second, the information he gave to the police was not given to them immediately. He waited a few days before volunteering the information to the police. Why did he wait so long after seeming quite concerned with Mary Kelly’s safety in Miller’s Court? It would seem that if he very concerned he would have quickly gone to the police, instead he waited a few days. Third, after a small glance under the man’s hat, Hutchinson gives the police a very detailed description. It is hard to recall what a stranger looks like in plain sight let alone with a hat tipped over his face. That brings up the question, did Hutchinson really get a good look or was he just filling in the blanks with an appearance he may not have seen. After looking over Hutchinson’s statement over the murder, I believe he is not a reliable witness in the Ripper case.


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