Sincerely JTR

There is a possibility that Jack the Ripper did write some of the letters. Like we have discussed in class, some killers have/do communicate through letters (i.e. the Zodiac) so it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to believe that he might have. There are two sides of this: yes he did, and no he didn’t.
Yes- Jack the Ripper could have communicated because he could be the type who would have wanted to taunt the police and investigators.
No- If categorized as unorganized, Jack the Ripper would not have written any letters because there would not have been any prerogative to do so. He was just killing to kill, and if he had written any letters then he would not have been classified as unorganized.
I really don’t think Jack the Ripper did write any letters but then again, what about the one with the organ with it? Who just randomly has an organ lying around their house and then decides to write a letter claiming to be the killer and sends the organ with it?! That particular letter is sketchy and makes me tend to think that possibly Jack the Ripper did write at least one or two letters.


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