Ripper Victims

I believe that all 5 women considered to be Jack the Ripper victims were all killed by the same man. In my opinion, that man is James Kelly. My theory on why James Kelly is the killer explains the disparities in the M.O. and location. In my belief, James Kelly was only after one woman, Mary Brider (aka Mary Kelly). This is the reason for the Stride’s murder not being as severe as the others. This is also the reason that Mary Kelly’s murder was the most gruesome of all the murders. I believe that James Kelly was after Mary because he wanted revenge on Mary’s sister Sarah, his wife that he murdered. Among wanting revenge, James Kelly already disliked prostitutes due to his mother of “loose morals” leaving him to be raised by his grandmother. His dislike for Sarah’s family and prostitutes gives him a good motive to kill the ones he met in his path to find Mary. It could be that James Kelly would ask where Mary was, get his information or not, then kill the women after he had no use for them. The reason most of the murders were gruesome were due to his deeply rooted dislike for women, particularly prostitutes. The reason that Stride’s murder was not as gruesome was probably because she was not his main target and didn’t feel to waste time on her. The reason other women were so mutilated could just be James Kelly’s insanity showing through while he lashed out on the gender he hated. The locations varied because James Kelly went everywhere looking for Mary. Once he found her, he had at last come into contact with his target and this is the reason for Mary being mutilated in the way that she was. Once he had found Mary he had finished his mission and this was why the murders stopped.


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