Ripper Letters

There were many letters sent to the police and most were ignored or not taken seriously. The three letter’s that are believed to possibly be from the Ripper himself are the “Dear Boss” letter, the “Saucy Jacky” postcard, and the “From Hell” letter. The “Dear Boss” letter mentions clipping a woman’s ear and Catherine Eddowes was found shortly after when her ear clipped off. The finding of Catherine Eddowes and this being the first letter make the “Dear Boss” letter the most believable to me. The hand-writing in the “Saucy Jack” postcard was similar to that of the “Dear Boss” letter. The handwriting alone is not enough to convince me it was from the same person. The letter mentions both Stride and Eddowes supposedly before the double event was discovered but I am not sure if it is accurate. I am skeptical that it may be a copycat. The “From Hell” letter is the one that contained half a human kidney. Catherine Eddowes Kidney had been removed so that holds true but they kidney was never proved to be the one from her body. The first letter is the only one that seems to be real to me and the rest seem to be copycats. Although, I am not sure that any of them are really from the Ripper himself. Due to his pattern of what seem to be quick and unplanned attacks, I don’t believe he would take time to write to the police about it.


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