Not Joe the Ripper

I have strong suspicions against Joseph Barnett being Jack the Ripper. It does not make sense to me that he would go around killing prostitutes in order to scare Mary Kelly away from prostitution. That is not a very direct message to his dislike of her being a prostitute. Shouldn’t he have first become violent with her and then maybe spread his rage? It doesn’t make sense that it would be the opposite. Barnett was not even considered a serious suspect until much later after the murder’s occurred which seems to me that investigators were just reaching for whoever they had not reached too hard for before. He had previously been interrogated by the police right after the murder of Mary Kelly and released only after four hours. The police obviously did not see any connection between Barnett and the murders. Although Mary Kelly was mutilated more severely, it would seem to me that there would be more distinction being the killing of some one you loved and some prostitutes you don’t know well at all. Most of the other victims were killed in the same way that Mary Kelly was even though Barnett was much closer to Mary than to the other prostitutes.  It is believed that Barnett knew Catherine Eddowes, so it would make sense that Barnett killed her to scare Mary but the question remains, why then did he kill the other women? There is no sufficient concrete evidence linking Barnett to any of the murders.


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