JTR victims yes/no

Nichols- Yes. She was found outside, she was strangled then cut, and her torso was cut open.
Chapman- Yes. She had the exact same MO as Nichols.
Stride- Maybe. She was found outside, and her neck was cut, but nothing else was. Her body wasn’t cut open but that could be because the Ripper might have been disrupted.
Eddowes- Yes or no. Yes; she was cut and killed just like Nichols and Chapman, and she was outside. No; if Stride was a Ripper victim then that means there was two murders in one night. No other time did that happen.
Kelly- Yes or no. Yes; she could have been just the final escalation which would explain why she was so savagely murdered. No; work that personal would be considered a crime of passion. Also, she was murdered inside which is inconsistent with the others.


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