Family Matters

The story that sticks out the most from the People of the Abyss is when London talks to a man about family. The man was talking to London about how he couldn’t get married and start a family because he doesn’t have the means to support a family. The man was a sailor and said that having a family with a wife and kids would be a curse. ITtwould just be more mouths he couldn’t feed and more heads he couldn’t cover with a roof. He said that anybody who brought children into this world was crazy and irresponsible. I think this is so sad because it’s not that the man didn’t want a family,but he couldn’t have one because of the hard times that he and so many other people had fallen on. When peopl are in such poverty that they can’t even afford to be married then there is a very serious problem. There is a saying that is “people need people”. Because of the vast amount of poverty people had no form of real compansionship. These must have been incredibly¬†lonely times to live during.


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