Dispelling the Royal Conspiracy

Numerous theories include Prince Albert Victor as the Jack the Ripper killer or accomplice. While each include possible case evidence, none propose a valid, concrete theory. While the idea that Prince Albert Victor could commit the Whitechapel murders, the surrounding Walker Sickert theory, Royal Conspiracy, and Masonic theory all add doubt to the believability. Though it is believed that Prince Albert Victor was mildly retarded, had syphilis, had homosexual relations, and a love child with prostitute, Annie Crook, there is no proof of any of these accusations. He was out of country had the time of the murders. The most popular theory is that Prince Albert had a love child with Catholic Annie Crook. He then contracted syphilis and Queen Victoria wanted to rid of the child, wife and any witnesses (the five victims). Most importantly, a man of this prestige and family superiority would not be concerned with the blackmail of prostitutes.


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