The victim that is the most debated is Liz Stride. Her murder was by far the most uncharactersitic of any of the Jack the Ripper murders. Liz was killed on the same night as Catherine Eddowes. This night is commonly referred to as the Doube Event. Liz shows no signs of strangulation and her wounds do not the fit the same pattern of wounds that the other victims had. Experts have analyzed her wounds and have determined that the knife used against her was a short fatter blade. The knife used on the rest of the victims was long and slender. The wounds inflicted on her seemed to be more jab like as opposed to slicing. These are some of the more specific disparaties but overall experts have commented on the fact that she is the only one that was not mutilated in the same severity as the other victims. I think that it is quite possible that Liz Stride has been mistaken all these years as a Ripper victim.


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