Victorian Era

When I think of the Victorian Era I think of wealth and the typical dresses of that era along with the idea of royalty. I picture most men wearing gentleman’s attire while the women are wearing elegant dresses. I imagined (before reading People of the Abyss) that the conditions were quite nice in the Victorian Era, with open streets and Gentlemen escorting their ladies to events. I think of the government as a very powerful one with control over the people and the power to banish people from society if that’s what was needed.  No one famous really comes to mind but in general the people I picture are that of royalty or some form of higher class. It is interesting to picture now because when I think about it, I don’t think of any one suffering or any poverty even though I know it existed. When I think of the Victorian Era I picture plenty of food, clothing, and happiness, but I think I mostly imagine the upper class as opposed to the lower class.  I am not sure where I get my ideas from. I think a lot of it has to do with many books being written about royalty during the Victorian Era as opposed to being written about who was suffering during that time.  Most of the books I have heard about or read are about the romance during the Victorian Era; this is probably why I envision things the way that I do, inaccurate as they may be in reality. Even though I have learned other facts that conflict with my glorious view of the Victorian Era, there are still certain images that come to mind when I think of that specific era. I think I picture the Victorian Era just as royalty would want one to picture that era.


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