The Five Ripper Victims, Five Women Swept Up in His Reign of Terror

I believe that if there was only one man who committed the Whitechapel murders, all five women should be considered Jack the Ripper victims. The typical M.O. of a serial killer is for them to begin slowly and close to home and then increase in brutality until perhaps they encounter a mental break or are apprehended. This would describe the manner in which Jack the Ripper began his murderous spree. The only event that holds discrepancies is “lucky” Elizabeth Stride, where the neck of the women was slit but she was not mutilated even similar to those before her. However the damage inflicted on Catherine Eddowes could offer the explanation of the Ripper’s anger and strong urge to kill after being interrupted with “lucky liz”. Perhaps this is why there was a double event that night and why Stride was not killed in a way as extreme as the other Ripper victims. Mary Jane Kelly could be the victim that Jack the Ripper experienced the severe mental break that pushed him to extremes and caused him to attack and mutilate her body in such a violent approach. Still, it is in my opinion that all five women should be considered Jack the Ripper victims. If it was truly one man who committed these vicious crimes he escalated until his breaking point, only pausing in between because of interruptions.


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