People of the Abyss

A story that really stood out to me in People of the Abyss is one that happened when Jack first arrived in the East end. He was wearing his gentleman’s clothes when he arrived in the East end and he decided that he wanted to fit into the crowd a little better. He then went to a used clothing store a picked up some old used clothing and headed back into the streets. As soon as he had made the change of clothing the people in the streets treating him very differently. With his nicer clothes on, Jack was addresses as “sir” or “governor.” Once he had his old used closed he was addressed as “mate.” With the nicer clothes on he was usually asked by a policeman bus or ‘ansom, sir.” With his older clothes on he was asked “walk or ride.” When he was at the railway station with his old clothes on, a third class ticket was shoved into his hand without the option of riding higher class. It is so interesting to see the direct comparison of how people were treated simply based on their clothes and appearance. It is also very sad to know that the lower class did not even get a choice on some things such as a train ticket. Little did these people know, Jack was actually not a poor man, but only dressed as one. But the people in the streets did not care to know who he was but only his status and appearance determined what people thought of him. While in his old used clothes, Jack seemed to relate better to the people of the streets while the policemen and such seemed to relate less to him and respect him much less.


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