Forgery of Facts… Were the Ripper Letter’s Simply Fabrication?

It has been proposed both that the true Jack the Ripper wrote letters to the police, and that the Ripper had no interest in the case surrounding his work or any part in writing the letters that taunted the police. I have to think agree with the latter, it seems highly unlikely that the Ripper would be the type to taunt and want to be a part of the investigation. Although I also have to caution against classifying the Ripper into the two types of serial killers that the FBI profiles include, I think that Jack the Ripper must have been a combination of both an unorganized and organized killer, carrying traits of both throughout the murders. In the case of the letters, I do not think that the Ripper agrees with the profile of the organized killer and committed these crimes to gain the glory of following his name printed in black and white.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to prove that any of the Ripper letters came from the murderer himself. There were multiple letters written to the police and newspapers, many of which it has been determined, without a doubt have no connection with Jack the Ripper. However it would be interesting to determine if the letter “from Hell” was in fact a letter written by Jack the Ripper. The letter did hold intricate details about the murder and unlike other letters was stamped before the victim was found. However its validity is still questionable, perhaps the post office made a mistake or perhaps it was fabricated by the vigilantly leader who also said that kept the piece of kidney in his drawer, then somehow misplaced it. Fabrication of these letters would be easy, as the identity of the real Ripper eludes investigators still today, and it could be a thrill and almost trend to those surrounded by the events in Whitechapel. It seems to me that the Ripper letters were simply a way for onlookers to gain attention and become part of the mayhem of Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror.


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