Victims of the Ripper

There is reason to believe neither Liz Stride nor Mary Kelly was killed by Jack the Ripper. Liz Stride’s throat was cut, but she was not strangled beforehand or mutilated afterwards. It is possible that the Ripper changed his M.O. because Louis Diemschutz interrupted him. However, if he was interrupted, I don’t think he would have immediately proceeded to kill another woman. He probably would have gone home (or wherever he was living) and hidden for fear of being caught. Louis Diemschutz found Stride’s body at 1:00 AM, 45 minutes before Catherine Eddowes was found. This means the Ripper would have had to flee from Dutfield’s Yard, find Eddows, go to Mitre Square, kill and mutilate Eddowes, and flee without detection in only 45 minutes. It seems unlikely that he could have pulled it off so quickly.

I don’t think Mary Kelly was a Ripper victim either. She was murdered inside the lodging house instead of outside like all the other victims. Her body was also mutilated far more than the others. She was cut up beyond recognition, pieces of her flesh were cut off and placed around the room, and her heart was taken. None of the other murders compared to Mary Kelly’s. I think it is much more likely that she was murdered by Joseph Barnett (her boyfriend of sorts). Her murder was much more personal and therefore would have been committed by someone she knew. 


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