Witness Credibility

George Hutchinson should not be trusted as a witness. He saw Mary Kelly with a man the morning of her murder and gave a detailed description of the suspect to the police. Hutchinson waited until three days after Mary Kelly was killed before he came forward with his information. If he had been a true witness, he should and would have gone to the police as soon as he found out about Kelly’s murder. His description was also extraordinarily detailed, down to the color of the man’s eyelashes. Witnesses rarely recall what they have seen accurately, much less notice and remember such minute details. Hutchinson’s behavior was also peculiar. He purposely stooped down so he could get a look at the man Kelly was with. Most witnesses just got a passing glance of the man they described and didn’t have any reason to look closer at the time. Hutchinson also waited outside Kelly’s lodging house for an hour. It was bizarre that he was so interested in what Kelly was doing. His creepy behavior, overly detailed description, and his delay in coming forward to the police indicate that he is not a veritable witness.


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