The Police’s Problem: A Lack of Organization and Communication

The simple improvement of organization during the Whitechapel murders could have led to the capture of Jack the Ripper. Multiple documents and files, such as the files on Walter Sickert, were lost at some point during the investigation. In some occasions, the files would turn up years later. Even the kidney mailed to the vigilante, possibly one of the most crucial pieces of evidence during the case, went missing. It was not simply the evidence care that was disorganized. The police force itself did not communicate properly either. For example, during the investigation of Mary Kelly’s murder, police waited two hours before entering the crime scene because they believed that bloodhounds were going to be used in the case. However, it is commendable that the police ceased contact with the media. Influence and chaos from the papers could have further muddled the Whitechapel case. Proper communication from a head official and organization of police files could have changed the fate of the Ripper case.  The disorganization of the police contributes to the luck of Jack the Ripper and the idea that his vicious crimes were caused by chance rather than mastermind.


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