The Classes of Victorian England

When I think of the Victorian Era, the first thing that comes to mind is the stereotypical and popularised upperclass of England.  Dashing men and lovely ladies walk liesurely through London’s many parks carrying their canes and parasols.  England’s empire reaches to India and Africa, as well as islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean, and goods from all of these places fill the homes of the wealthy.  With all of this portrayed in books and movies, it’s hard to imagine how the lower class would look and live.  With the greatness of the upper class, an equally-impoverished system of lower classes would certainly have to exist.  They are the ones who work to provide the luxuries of the upper class at the price of not being allowed or able to afford anything remotely as nice for themselves.  In most societies, those who work create for those who hold themselves above the workers, and these workers barely manage to scrape out a slight semblance of a living aside from these creations of luxuries they can never have for themselves.


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