Jack the Ripper’s Letters (Or Lack Of)

The most investigators know of Jack the Ripper is that he killed. His role in government conspiracy, other murders, and letter writing is unknown. It is debatable that Jack the Ripper is an organized or disorganized serial killer. From either view, Jack the Ripper did not write letters to the police during the fall of 1888. An organized killer would know better than to hint at the police of his identity. A disorganized killer would not even think to contact the police. Additionally, a killer  who commits the murders and leaves the bodies of his victims in public does not kill as a publicity stunt. Jack the Ripper murdered for the pleasure in it. He did not want to play games with the police. There is no evidence that any letter, including the letter with the kidney, is actually from Jack the Ripper, though multiple theories have been based on this fact. Additionally, just because a person’s DNA is on a letter does not mean that they wrote the letter. Therefore, because a person wrote a letter does not mean they committed the murders. Furthermore, even if they committed one of the murders, they might not have considered them all. In conclusion, there is no evidence that any letters were authentic and any facts based on the letters are simply assumptions.


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