stories from the Abyss

Two specific stories stand out from the book “People of the Abyss”, they are: the “Booze” story, and the story of the of the old couple with kids yet had no one to take care of them.
The “Booze” story stands out because I just can’t imagine a man not wanting a wife and family to come home to. In my family tough times and no money is just a part of life. Family is what gets people through tough times, family is what keeps people sane (in most cases). It’s just odd to think that someone would rather live alone the rest of their life than to have some responsibilities and to be held down by a wife and family.
The second story (about the old couple) just broke my heart. In my family we take care of our elders. So the idea of having a family and not taking care of them is preposterous! The old couple had kids, they had someone to carry on their name and to take care of them, yet none of their children were there for them. Their kids had gotten out of the Abyss and not taken their parents. In my family, if that would have happened, someone would have been disowned.


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