police? investigate? NEVER!

The police were horrible, plain and simple. They did a crap shoot job of finding witnesses, they dismissed evidence, and how do we know they actually identified the victims correctly?!
To find out more evidence or witnesses they should have shut down everything and gone door to door inquiring. They should have closed down the entire Whitechappel area, not allowed any businesses to open, and made everyone stay in their houses. They should have gotten the military involved. We all know that their police task force was extremely small, so involving the military would have at least tripled the task force. And with the military involved, they could have had patrols EVERYWHERE; not just on street corners or just walking around, but every few yards. I believe with just tripling the task force, making better inquiries, having reliable witnesses (some of the people who identified the victims were very unreliable people, so how do we know if the victims are who everyone says they are?), and shutting down everything could have increased the chances of the police in catching Jack the Ripper.


One Response to “police? investigate? NEVER!”

  1. kstevenson Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Back then they had a horrible police force. I honestly don’t think they tried hard enough or even cared that much about it. They should have put more into to try and find jack the ripper. Like you said they should have brought in the military. Who knows if they had done that to begin with they probably could have cause “jack the ripper” in the beginning and could have saved the lives of the other victims. There were careless and pretty much just didn’t care about it. I bet if it had been a lady from the upper class that had been murdered they probably would have put more into it. but since the fact that all the victims were prostitutes they figured oh theirs no need to try really hard. Maybe that’s why jack went after these women, he probably figured that they wouldn’t care if it were lower class victims!

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