Just a random question.

Do you think that if a time machine was built and we brought good ole Jack back that he would even be punished for his crimes? I mean, think about it.. There are Ripperologists galore, and do you really think that they would stand for the man that they are fascinated by go to jail? Of course non of this would ever happen, but if it did……….


2 Responses to “Just a random question.”

  1. Do you mean that Ripperologists would not want him prosecuted? Myself, I would have a lot of questions if he would answer them. But that doesn’t mean that I have any sympathy or empathy for what he did. I think it’s dangerous to equate “fascination” toward Jack with an affinity for him. For example, there are groups called “I love Jack the Ripper,” which I would never join because of the name.

  2. sbeckwith0 Says:

    I think that they would eventually want him prosecuted but not before they got everything him, if then. I sometimes think that we are so consumed in the case that we don’t see his crimes. I look at Jack the Ripper different than I do Bundy or BTK. Do you think that if Sickert came back to life that Cornwell would try to prosecute him? Doubtful?? I think Cornwell is on an entire different level that other Ripperologists we have discussed.

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