Lucky Liz and Marie Janette: Ripper Victims? Yay or Nay?

Jack the Ripper loved to slash prostitutes throats and slice their bellies open, so could he change his M.O. for a few of his victims? Why would he?

There are 3 murders that I have no doubt were committed by the same person: Nichols, Chapman, and Eddows. All these victims had there throats cut, there was sign of strangulation, and their abdomens cut open. All were also found in some sort of alley were they could be easily found. However Liz Stride’s throat was cut but there was no sign of strangulation. There was also no abdominal mutilations of any sort. It is commonly accepted explanation that the Ripper was interrupted and that is why he did not have time to cut into her body. I’m not sure I completely believe this mostly because of the following events. If he actually killed Stride then why would he turn around and chance getting caught again and kill Eddows? It is more plausible that Stride’s husband killed her. The Ripper would also have to be amazingly fast and cunning to kill both women in less than 1 hours and a half with a swarm of police and on lookers. I am not convinced that the Ripper killed Luck Liz.

Mary Kelly is another story. I believe that the Ripper got some sort of high from his victims being found. So why did he leave Mary in her room? Why did he not leave the door open? Then comes the question on her injuries. She did not have a mere sliced throat or cut abdomen, the Ripper seemed to have taken out all his frustrations out on Kelly. If he got off from just slicing a throat or two why did he have to go so far. It went from just the throat and abdomen straight to complete mutilation??? Hmmm, probably not.


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