First of all, the police should have never posted the Ripper letters. All it did was give the Ripper possible satisfaction from more publicity, and flooded the office with fakes. These fakes had to be reviewed, that took up massive amounts of time that they could have used on actually finding the killer. Second, they should not have erased the chalk words from the wall, whether or not they were written by the Ripper. Third, they should have kept the lead investigator the same the entire time. The vacations and such should not have be allowed when they had a serial murderer running around. And the fact that two sections of the police carried out the investigation. It should have been merged into one investigation with one clear lead investigator.Fourth, they should have quickly discounted the suspects that could clearly not have committed the murder, like if no one ever saw a 6’7″ man, they should have given up on that. And if they were far out of town at the time they should have passed him up – quickly.

There was not much else that the police could have done considering the limitations in technology. However, if they could have worked better together and gotten over their egos, they could have possibly gotten closer to catching the ripper.


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