What did I think of the Victorian Era?

When I think of the Victorian Era I think of Jane Austen and high society. I see ladies in dresses covered in lace with bustles and men in top hats walking with canes. In regards to living conditions, they were good. I imagine everyone always having something to eat and going to the occasional party with aristocracy. The people of my Victorian Era had maids, butlers, and hired staff to drive them about the beautiful country side. Bring apart of the government was not a position that women held. Also, women were expected to have no real ambitions besides that of having children; however, they did not care and were happy as peaches!

My view of the Victorian Era has changed since being in the Jack the Ripper class. Besides the fact that Jane Austen wasn’t even writing about the Victorian Era, I now know that it was much different that was portrayed. There was a very high population of poor people. Social class went from a small high society to a larger middle class and then to an even larger low class. Not everyone lived in the country side and had servants. Life was not all sunshine and rainbows in the Victorian Era.


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