Joseph Lawende

When it comes to credible witnesses Joseph Lawende is perhaps the most believable of them all.  His description of the man last seen with Catherine Eddowes, remained quite consistent.  He says it was, “a man of shabby appearance, about 30 years of age and 5ft. 9in. in height, of fair complexion, having a small fair moustache, and wearing a red neckerchief and a cap with a peak.” This description was given on the second of October and again on the nineteenth.  He remained consistent in newspaper interviews and to several other police figures.  

In his personal life, Lawende was a good husband and father.  He seemed to be a honest man with little to gain from telling lies.  I believe Joseph could/should be believed as a witness, simply because his testimony has remained consistent, where other witnesses have changed their descriptions several times along the way.


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