The Ripper Letters

I personally think that the “From Hell” letter may have been written by Jack the Ripper due to the consistencies found between the part of the kidney that was mailed to Mr. Lusk and the part of the kidney that remained in Catherine Eddowes’ body. The kidney that was sent to Mr. Lusk was determined to have been removed from the body within the few weeks preceding Mr. Lusk’s reception of the package, and it was also determined that the kidney was that of a middle-aged woman, probably around forty-five years old, who was a heavy drinker. All of these characteristics were also determined to exist in the kidney that remained in Eddowes’ body—something which seems too consistent to be a consequence. If a medical student had mailed the kidney as a prank, how would they have known that Eddowes’ was of that particular age with a drinking problem, and that it was her left kidney that had been removed from the body (unless the newspapers at the time reported each and every gruesome detail). Also, it was pointed out that any kidney accessible to a medical student would have been preserved in formalin, whereas the kidney that was mailed had been preserved in spirits. In my opinion, all of these things prove the authenticity of the kidney, and therefore the authenticity of the letter. However, the FBI profile of Jack the Ripper states that he was indeed not the type to send a letter to the police—something which discounts my belief in the possible authenticity of the From Hell letter. At the same time, though, the FBI profile states that the killer was probably mentally disturbed with generalized rage; he desired power, control, and dominance and probably behaved erratically. In my opinion, these particular character traits point to the possibility of the desire of the killer to write letters to the police in order to feel as though he is in control of the situation and to establish his dominance. However, without the proper proof, it is impossible to know whether any of the letters written were penned by the killer or were simple hoaxes sent by journalists and laypeople.  


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