Aaron Kosminski–Guilty or Innocent?

I personally don’t believe that Aaron Kosminski committed the Ripper murders, simply because of the many discrepancies that exist in making a case against him. First of all, Lawende did not identify Kosminski until two years after the murders—and that is after refusing to testify at all at the inquests because Lawende believed that he would not be able to identify the suspect if he were presented with a lineup due to his lack of knowledge of the suspect’s characteristics. In addition, Kosminski possessed no anatomical knowledge whatsoever—something which I believe was necessary to a degree for these crimes to take place—and Kosminski’s incarceration did not occur until more than two years after the final Ripper murder in Miller’s Court. Therefore, unlike the clean cut that would have occurred with suspects such as Druitt, Kosminski was still alive and wandering the streets for two years following the murders. Why would he suddenly stop? What is the explanation for his change in actions? It is incredible hard to believe that after five—if not more—murders in three months, Kosminski would simply disappear for two years and three months without laying his hands on anyone else. In addition, I don’t believe that Kosminski fits the profile of what many think Jack the Ripper would be; although he physically fit the description considering he was described as well-dressed and “clerk-like,” as well as a Jew with a foreign look about him, he does not mentally seem to fit the description of the Ripper. He was described as completely insane, rejecting cleanliness and work and experiencing extreme hallucinations. The only proof that the police have regarding his hatred for women was an instance in which he threatened his sister with a knife—something which may very well be an isolated event rather than an indication of an extreme serial killer. Also, the Ripper murders were carried out with extreme precision, discipline, and cunning—three things which I believe Kosminski would have had given the descriptions of his horrible mental state. In essence, Kosminski simply seems a little too crazy to be Jack the Ripper. I believe that Kominski’s guilt in the matter was simply fabricated by Anderson and Swanson in a selfish attempt to gain the notoriety and fame that would come with solving the Jack the Ripper case. As Sugden stated in The Complete History of Jack the Ripper, the two men together “transformed a harmless imbecile, sheltering within the walls of Leavesden, into the most infamous murderer of modern times” (423).


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