Hutchinson as a credible witness

In my opinion, I think that Hutchinson should indeed be trusted as a credible witness in the case of Mary Kelly’s murder. First of all, the locations and times given throughout his testimony are eerily consistent with the testimonies of several other witnesses—one of which even places Hutchinson at the spot in which he claimed to have been standing for forty-five minutes in order to see if Mary Kelly should emerge following her meeting with the suspected client. In addition, Hutchinson’s extremely detailed descriptions of both the sequence of events and the suspected gentleman himself were very telling of an honest statement, and having Abberline—an experienced and outstanding detective—believe him also tells something of the worth of his testimony. In addition, it is evident that the evidence was not fabricated due to the amazing consistency between the testimony given to the police and that given to the press a few days later. Even though there were two discrepancies regarding skin tone and the suspect’s mustache, these were minor in comparison to the more than forty matching points that were found between the statements. Although some are suspicious of why Hutchinson would stand on the corner for forty-five minutes waiting for Mary Kelly to emerge, I agree with Sugden in that they probably had some sort of relationship; therefore, it would not have been suspicious for him to have waited for someone he cared about in order to insure her safety. Also, a relationship between Hutchinson and Kelly would have explained Hutchinson’s detailed description—when people are worried about someone that they care about, they tend to pay more attention to details in order to feel reassured that their loved one will be safe. Especially when considering the four murders that had preceded Mary Kelly’s, I feel that it is completely reasonable for Hutchinson to have been overly concerned upon seeing Kelly with a strange man who seemed to act suspiciously in avoiding Hutchinson’s gaze. Finally, in regard to why it took so long for Hutchinson to come forward with his testimony following the murder, I completely agree with Sugden’s belief that—if there had been a relationship between Kelly and Hutchinson—he was afraid of being implicated in her death, especially considering he had been in the vicinity at the time of her murder and had no one to testify to his innocence. In my opinion, there are far too many points supporting the validity of Hutchinson’s testimony to allow it to be dismissed; therefore, although the police did pursue a suspect fitting Hutchinson’s description, I feel that the police should have taken it more seriously in order to find the suspect and, hopefully, capture Jack the Ripper.


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