Police Investigation

In my opinion, there were several major flaws with the police investigation.  One such flaw was the refusal to allow blood hounds to be used.  I believe blood hounds were used there could have been more success with finding a suspect.  I also believe that the police were not very thorough with cataloging the items found in each crime scene.  There may have been a possibility that the murderer left behind evidence, which could have been found if proper cataloging were implemented.  I also found it odd that the police waited several hours to investigate the crime scene of Mary Jane Kelly.  Valuable evidence was lost with each passing minute, yet the police refused to enter the room.  I understand that forensic pathology was not yet available, but there must have been other means of analysing evidence at that time.  It also seems quite peculiar that the murders stopped during the time that James Kelly was at Broadmoor.  I believe if the police had realized that the reason the murders stopped was that the murder was detained, either in jail or an asylum, it could have led to his capture.  The police could have looked at jail and asylum records to see who was serving time during the months that the murders stopped.  Simple steps could have been taken to find a possible suspect, such as James Kelly.  I believe there were several flaws in the police investigation, but the lack of thorough fact finding was a major mistake made by the British police of the day.


2 Responses to “Police Investigation”

  1. chloefackler Says:

    The bloodhounds wouldn’t have been as useful during the final attack especially, due to the amount of blood at the scene. Many of us agreed that the dogs would have been disoriented because of the amount of the victim’s blood. Although the idea of searching the asylums and prisons is a very good idea, and checking earlier murders for mistakes and clues left by Jack the Ripper, could have led to his/her arrest.

  2. lumpy1015 Says:

    I agree with the above posts. I think that there were some major flaws with the police investigation. It seemed to me that the police made mistakes in his invetigation that were rookie mistakes. Washing the writing off the wall before pictures were taken, losing documents and evidence and many other mistakes that could quite possibly have been the reason behind why the Ripper was never caught. It seems to me after learning about the details of the investigation that the situation was not taken very seriously until after the 2nd or 3rd victim. It says a lot about the competency of the the police force when one person manages to outsmart an entire army of police officers. The one progressive idea that the police had was to use bloodhounds and that clearly didn’t work. Bloodhounds would in no way have helped the situation. There would have been too much blood and other scents at the crime scene for a hound to track anything.

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